The demon bodyguards are the main enemies, aside from Zamorak, in the second CYOA. They are much like the Platinum Generals in the first.

They are the only beings with Zamorak's Gaze, which is superior to Guthix's Gaze, which caused you and the C to have trouble in defeating them.

Zamorak created the Demon Bodyguards with the use of his Hougyoku.

Around the end of SFCII when Zamorak activated his second form, the demon bodyguards came to life and assisted you. They explained their revival by some mysterious person giving them life, free will, and intelligence.

Wiki 2

The demon bodyguards in order(left-right, 1st-5th)


    • You defeated the first with using the Tchbqaertkchm, which is composed of food dye, which he absorbed and it blocked his veins. Then you and the C finished him with your personal variations of Kamehamehas.
      • The C defeated the Second by activating the gaze.
        • You defeated the third while under the influence of the Powerup, during which time you easily made him dust.
          • The fourth has a weird ultra defensive power, and was defeated with the Self Destruct technique. Also, the fourth one can't talk.
            • The fifth is amazing in physical strength. Negayou destroyed this beast by becoming a God. Why is "god" capitalised? I'm not referring to God in any way.
  • The Demon Bodyguards' skin color isn't actually a darker shade of the RuneScape skin, but rather a recolored version of a RuneScape sprite. (To be specific, it was recolored to be darker and have a lower saturation and luminocity)
  • When Zamorak created the Demon Bodyguards, he gave them each a unique ability in order that no single intruder could make it past all of their weaknesses. The first bodyguard's ability is to absorb his enemy's attacks. The second is intelligent enough to find his enemy's weakness before they can find his. The third is completely balanced, therefore lacks a weakness, and thus those who are smart enough to find their enemy's weakness (The C, for instance) will have wasted that ability. The fourth can deflect his enemy's attacks, and generally has outsanding defensive powers. The fifth uses his incredible offensive powers for all uses.