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Guthix at the training area during SFCI

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Guthix is the God of Balance according to RuneScape lores.

Guthix is the one who shaped RuneScape in the SFC series.

Guthix was first introduced during Part 5 in SFCI after you died against the Alien King. It didn't reveal much about what was going on at that time, but explained all of the information of Its gaze later.

At the beginning of SFCII, Guthix was assasinated by Zamorak, which caused you and the C to go to RuneScape Hell to avenge It.

Guthix is a genderless shapeshifter, and it is actually correct to say "It" rather than "he", despite its masculine appearance in this form. However, Zamorak was the only one to ever accurately address it as "It."


-Guthix's appearance is based off of Tehnoobshow's depiciton from his "The Gods Exposed" series.

-Guthix would not allow the events that happened in SSFCYOAIII to happen.

-It is partly responsible for Saradomin's death, because It put on the ground of Its graveyard the Spontaneous Combustion and Unknown pills.