Negayou after he appeared from a red beam.

Negayou is exactly the opposite of you. He appeared for the first time in SSFCYOAII when the voters picked Option C when there were only options A and B.

Although he was first intended to be a filler character, Negayou later played an important role. Because he is Zamorak's disciple, he activated God Mode and killed the fifth demon bodyguard , saving you and the C. Afterwards, he went on to fight Zamorak in which he sacrificed his life only find out it didn't do anything.


  • He likes to use "Txt Tlk"
  • He sometimes talks in all capitals.
  • He is the first filler character in the second CYOA.
  • It is currently unknown which god he follows, but he refers to some ultimate being as "He" during a conversation.
    • However, it is possible he follows Zaros, since you follow Guthix, and Negayou is the opposite of you, and Zaros and Guthix are possibly opposites.
      • Despite some belief, Zamorak is not the opposite of Guthix. Zamorak is infact the opposite of Saradomin. Zamorak being the god of chaos, and Saradomin the god of creation. Guthix is the God of Balance and Zaros is theorized as being the god of evil.
  • Although his beliefs are unknown, he is Zamorakian because he appears in Hell, which is owned by Zamorak, and he was created by Zamorak.
    • It is worth mentioning that, at the end of SSFCYOAII, Negayou converts from whatever religion he was following prior, to Guthixian, therefore making him the only being with conflicting alignments (other than the Assassin). He does, however, have the most conflicting alignments.
      • Three, to be precise. Zamorakian, Guthixian, and one unknown.